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Kickstart our New Album!!!

We need some help funding our new album. Go to our Kickstarter page to help us out!!!


WTF- M.A.G.E Remix

Just in case you didn’t get a chance to download this remix…here it is again!!! Thanks again to MAGE from VT for hooking this up!

click here to download the remix

tayisha does nature

We had a great time in Providence last nite @ homestead. Thanks to everyone who came out and for all the support. We have a few hours b4 soundcheck @ the arch tavern tonite in hartford so we’re spending some much needed time w/mother nature in lincoln woods state park. Amazing time.

Day 1 Tour-Providence, RI

Woke up and we’re getting the van packed today around 11:30. Heading to Providence, RI where we’ll play at Homestead.

click for FB invite

See you Slutz there!

Buttons 4 Tour!

250 brand new Tay Bu buttons for Fall Tour 2010. Pretty in pink, indeed! Just in time. Tour starts in Providence, RI tomorrow night @ Homestead!

This Weekend Tayisha Takes OVA!!!!

Hey Glitter punks in Bmore and DC!!!

We’re coming to your town(s) this weekend. First stop is an awesome Loft Party @ the Annex w/our good friends Dazzlestorm

click 4 FB invite

Then on Saturday we’re playing right before the headliners, MEN!!! @ Phasefest in DC.

click here for more info

You must come to on of these performances to check out our new tunes and get glitter punk’d. xxxxoooo

Awesome last min show this friday

Hey Glitter kiddos,,

we just got added to the bill for this cool band visiting from Montreal. Come check us out…It’s gonna be an early friday show we go on around 8pm

click for FB invite

Native NYker!

Check out your favorite glitter hoes on Native NYker


click for link

Our 1st Official Tayisha Video!!!! WTF????

A poetic and observant blogger once referred to us as “glitter chuggers” and it was as though we finally found our true genre title – as well as the main inspiration for what you are about to see……
Presenting, the first ever MUSIC VIDEO by TAYISHA BUSAY for the 1st track off our new EP – SHOCK-WOO!:

The video was directed and edited by Tayisha’s own Tessa Greenberg.
PLEASE SPREAD IT AROUND! We ask for your help in reposting, retweeting, iphoning, texting, puking, facebooking, whatevering! We remain a DIY operation and count on your support to get the word out – GLITTER CHUGGING/PUKING IS THE NEW THING!
And FYI – A new “radio edit” version of this song and video is coming out soon, so you can share it with yer PG-13 friends.

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