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FOCUS/VIRUS Tour Days 4/5

Day 4: Durham, NC

This was our 1st time playing in North Carolina and it was a blast. We had the great opportunity to be a part of the last show for MEN’s 6 week tour. The crowd was great and the promoters were also very nice.

After our set many kids came up to us to plead for us to come back to NC ASAP. And we just might! Thank you Durham it was awesome.

Day 5: Richmond, VA

This was our 2nd time in Richmond and it was definitely different than out 1st show there over a year ago! The drive from Durham was rainy and grey but the skies soon cleared as we reached the Richmond city limits. This evening we played a venue called Balliceaux. Its a restaurant that turns into a hotspot around 11pm. However we first had to have dinner there. The staff was very generous and offered us an amazing dinner and a few curated cocktails that we loved! Fast forward to our set and we weren’t sure how the crowd was gonna react to our antics. But by the time we ripped into the 2nd song we had won them over.

After the show, Brandon had to trek down the street to retrieve the tour van and to his surprise the van was closed in between fire trucks, road cones and police tape! Turns out a house on the opposite corner to where we parked had caught on fire while we were inside the venue playing our little hears out.

No worries everything of ours was fine we just had to have the nice paramedics move their cones so we could drive the van quickly back to the venue for load out.

Today we’re headed to DC to play a big show @ the Islander. The show is sponsored by homoground and Where the Girls’ Are. So wish us luck! Update should hopefully be posted tomorrow!




Focus/Virus Tour: ATL!!! Day 3

Day 3: Atlanta

Atlanta you were amazing. You fed us well for brunch, gave us a chance to catch up with old friends and had awesome weather!

The show last night @ 529 was pretty cool indeed. The kids went crazy and even made a grind train. Which is pretty much a necessity for any show of ours from now on. Can u tell Brandon’s computer now has a weave? (Check out the pics @ the bottom of the posting for more info.)

Today we’re traveling across the Carolina’s for our show opening for MEN again @ the Pinhook in Durham, NC.

We’ve never played NC either so we’re really excited to get the crowd warmed up for JD, Michael and Lee.


Day 2/3

So Day 2 on tour was basically spent in the van. We traveled for 14 hours from NJ to Atlanta! We’re proud of ourselves for making it all the way here in 1 piece!

Upon arrival @ our bestie Tara’s house we had a min 2 chat and then get ready for bed. Ariel and Tessa snuggled w/Bosley for the evening. (As seen in the picture.)

We’re getting ready for our big free show @ the 529 w/MEN! Hello Atlanta! Where u @? The weather is beautiful and we’re enjoying our day here before the show begins!

Doors are @ 9pm! See you there. Also we’re billed as Yayisha Busay on one of the flyers!!! Ha ha ha sooo there’s that.


Yayisha Busay

Tour with MEN

So we’re gonna have pics to come from our brief and wonderful tour with MEN and Cherie Lily. Here’s an awesome review of our show in Toronto!!! Amazing

click for article

new stickers

Our stickers just made it in time for our little tour w/MEN. We’ll be in Boston, Montreal and Toronto starting this Thursday! If you’re in NYC you should come see Tami Hart play w/her band Mkng Frndz @ QBR @ Public Assembly! We’re gonna def be there!

Brightest Young Things DC Photos

More photos of our performance from DC’s Phasefest.
Check them out!!!

click for more pictures from Phasefest!

Photos by Deb Greenspan

Pictures from Phasefest

We had an amazing time at Phasefest in DC. Here’s some pics on the New Gay.

click here for more images

Phasefest in DC tonite!!!!

Hey kids come check us out @ Phasefest tonite! we’re opening for MEN!!!

Phase 1

click here for more info

This Weekend Tayisha Takes OVA!!!!

Hey Glitter punks in Bmore and DC!!!

We’re coming to your town(s) this weekend. First stop is an awesome Loft Party @ the Annex w/our good friends Dazzlestorm

click 4 FB invite

Then on Saturday we’re playing right before the headliners, MEN!!! @ Phasefest in DC.

click here for more info

You must come to on of these performances to check out our new tunes and get glitter punk’d. xxxxoooo

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