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FOCUS/VIRUS Tour: Day 11

Day 11: Providence, RI

We had a fun time playing in Providence last night. Our good friends @ The Dark Lady on Snow St were very hospitable as usual and the crowd was super nice. And it was a military theme to honor our veterans. (See pic below)

Yeah there were some issues with the mics @ 1 point all three members of TB were sharing a mic. But that’s live music for you. Also Tessa and Ariel improvised with some tap dancing while we figured out the mic situation. So all those dance classes they took in childhood paid off.

There was also a hot body contest that we might’ve entered had we not been fat slobs from being on tour for the past 2 weeks! The winner got $200. And that could’ve def went for gas. But we opted out of it.

Tonight we rock Hartford, CT!



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