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Phasefest in DC tonite!!!!

Hey kids come check us out @ Phasefest tonite! we’re opening for MEN!!!

Phase 1

click here for more info


Our 1st Official Tayisha Video!!!! WTF????

A poetic and observant blogger once referred to us as “glitter chuggers” and it was as though we finally found our true genre title – as well as the main inspiration for what you are about to see……
Presenting, the first ever MUSIC VIDEO by TAYISHA BUSAY for the 1st track off our new EP – SHOCK-WOO!:

The video was directed and edited by Tayisha’s own Tessa Greenberg.
PLEASE SPREAD IT AROUND! We ask for your help in reposting, retweeting, iphoning, texting, puking, facebooking, whatevering! We remain a DIY operation and count on your support to get the word out – GLITTER CHUGGING/PUKING IS THE NEW THING!
And FYI – A new “radio edit” version of this song and video is coming out soon, so you can share it with yer PG-13 friends.

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