The Name Tayisha Busay

RUDEIn the band, we all represent different sides Tayisha Busay.

The name derives from a long-standing inside joke about a girl I once knew, but the details are not important. The band did not choose the name, the name chose the band.
Tayisha Busay is sassy, yes. She’s got attitude and style, but she is rough around the edges. Like most people, she want’s the best out of all her experiences, and goes hard to make it all happen,but because life can be a bitch, not everything in Tayisha’s life is well put together.
Tayisha Busay is classy, but embraces the trashy things in life.
She goes to McDonalds when she wants to, and she looks damn good when she orders of the dollar menu.
If she orders a shot of top shelf liquor at the bar, she’ll get a PBR to chase it.
If she takes the subway to the show, she’ll take a cab home.
If she falls down on the sidewalk, she will make it look like a dance move and teach it to you so you can bust it out on the dance floor.
Really, Tayisha Busay is a way of life. Like saying, FUCK IT, I’m not perfect, but I’m going to do my best to get the most out of this slutty world! Enjoy what you can, spread the joy that you can, party when you can, make a joke when you can, fall when you can, have that extra drink when you can, the extra slice of pizza, the extra glitter, the extra embaressment of being alive.
She is in all of us. Gentlemen and Ladies alike. The people that look really sexy at the club and then go home and take of their fancy clothes so they can fart and go on facebook.

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