FOCUS/VIRUS Fall Tour: Day 1

Day 1:
Stony Brook

We had an awesome show @ SUNY Stony Brook last night. It was part of the Halloween Rock Yo Face Showcase. We were joined on stage by Brooklyn Alums Planet Rump and Great Tiger. Their chicken tenders were the best dinner we’ve had in a week.

The crowd was all dressed in their Halloween Rave best and they danced hard to all three sets.

Pics can be found here:

Today we’re on our way to our 1st show ever in Atlanta! The drive is about 14 hours from NYC. Our GPS says we will arrive around 2am. Wish us safe travels as we fill our time napping, driving, eating @ local Cracker Barrels (stopped @ 1 already!), and talking mad shit.

Send us a mix tape and we’ll download it for the drive!!!


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